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how to makes a good exhibition stand

write in : 8/26/2017 See : 1310

Essential tips on how to make your exhibition stand a success, created from our extensive experience collaborating with design agencies,


How To Good Exhibition Stand Design

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How Important is a Good Exhibition Stand Design


Two exhibitions held in Tehran International Permanent Fairground

write in : 2/24/2016 See : 3346

 international exhibitions opened in Tehran International Permanent Fairground on 31st January 2016


EXPO Milan 2015 closes its gates but the journey continues

write in : 2/23/2016 See : 2173

For the last 184 days, host country, participating countries, governments, intergovernmental organisations,...


Future Energy Forum 2015 stresses

write in : 2/22/2016 See : 1943

The Future Energy Forum 2015 organized by Expo Astana 2017 took place in Paris alongside the COP21 summit.


Paris Expo 2025 starts a Tour de France

write in : 2/21/2016 See : 2171

The Advisory Committee ExpoFrance 2025 is launching a national campaign to raise awareness and gather support for its impending bid for Expo 2025.


Astana Expo 2017 calls for Energy Best Practices

write in : 2/20/2016 See : 1931

Astana EXPO 2017 officially started its call for applications for its Energy Best Practices Area (eBPa), one of the flagship areas of the forthcoming Expo, which will showcase tangible solutions to the world's biggest challenges.


Will Rotterdam bid for Expo 2025?

write in : 2/19/2016 See : 3736

The idea of a World Expo in Rotterdam came as early as 2014 out of an entrepreneurial initiative. 


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