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EXPO Milan 2015 closes its gates but the journey continues

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EXPO Milan 2015 closes its gates but the journey continues

For the last 184 days, host country, participating countries, governments, intergovernmental organisations, civil society, companies, have worked hand in hand for Expo Milan 2015, a World Expo that has united the world around a major goal: to create a grand international gathering of nations and cultures with the goal of educating citizens and promoting progress for "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" for today and tomorrow.

For visitors and participants alike, Expo Milan 2015 has offered unmatched opportunities to experience cultural differences, to understand on-going global efforts and to learn about different paths for future progress.

In a world where the channels by which humanity interacts and learns about one another are completely transformed and in a world where local actions have global impact, Expos are called to fulfil a new role, which is potentially more powerful than the one in the past. Today, to be effective platforms for education and progress, Expos must inspire and connect the actions of governments and civil society in their common effort to develop and implement sustainable solutions to the universal challenges.

Expo Milan 2015, with its theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, helped promote the Millennium Goals and provided a common laboratory to humankind where everyone was allowed to exchange, discuss and experiment in a non-confrontational, constructive, practical and truly universal way.

Italy and Milan have offered a world a memorable Expo and have supported the BIE in advancing the role of Expos in the 21st century, showing that Expos are at the service of the ideals of our global society and function as powerful instruments that engage the world's citizens to contribute to the efforts of the international community.

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