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Paris Expo 2025 starts a Tour de France

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Paris Expo 2025 starts a Tour de France

The Advisory Committee ExpoFrance 2025 is launching a national campaign to raise awareness and gather support for its impending bid for Expo 2025.
Sixteen towns in France will be welcoming a dedicated exhibition starting with Marseille on the 18th of February and ending in Tours on the 5th of June.

No official bid has yet been presented to the BIE but French President Hollande already indicated last year on prime television that France was interested in bidding for the event; “We need big events” said Hollande.

According to first macro-economic simulations commissioned by the Advisory Committee, an Expo in Paris in 2025 would bring 40 to 60 million visitors, 23,2 billion euros of economic impact and would create 160.000 new jobs.

Paris has already hosted six Universal Exhibitions: in 1855 just four years after the very first one in London, in 1867, 1878, 18891900 and the 1937 World Expo.


According to national polls released last week, the bid for Expo 2025 is reaching a large consensus among private citizens. An on-line petition on the official website of the Advisory Committee has so far reached more than 13.000 supporters.

Paris is among the most visited and most admired cities in the world. The French capital is also on the shortlist of cities to host the 2024 Olympics Games, which would coincide with the 100th anniversary since the last Olympic Games were organized in Paris in 1924.

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